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GK LANDSCAPE MODELLING is a Private Limited Company which specializes in Landscape Modelling for Planning and Management of all forms of natural resources. Our employees include Urban Planners, Architects, Civil Engineers, Geospatial Technocrats and Experts who rely on the latest GSI (Geographic Information System) software to aid our clients.

We are well equipped to take up projects that involve mapping, planning and management of any landscape - Physical, Socio-cultural, Economic and Environmental. Our company also fits into the scheme of SMART CITY and AMRUT CITY planning by providing support in the form of Geospatial Surveying and Planning.

We have been thoroughly involved in rural development, village planning and mapping of educational institutions in the state of Uttar Pradesh. We have also been studying the various possibilities of the green environment in schools and colleges in Delhi by providing a detailed mapping of tree count, water harvesting system in the existing buildings, converting solid waste into green energy, use of bio-toilets and the installation of solar panels.

Recently, we have extended our Geographic Information System for election planning by providing a booth wise Geospatial analysis, mapping, survey and data base management for a given constituency.


  • GIS – AM/FM – LIS data capture & database creation (electricity, gas, water, sewage, and telecom network)
  • Spatial and non-spatial capturing & linking
  • Graphical representation and attribution
  • Network rectification
  • Network adjustment
  • Operator assisted tracking
  • Post-vectorizing data cleaning & normalization
  • Coordinate system conversion
  • Data assignment & analysis
  • Database development & programming
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