Big Data Hadoop

Learning Big Data Hadoop at GK LandScape Modelling Private Ltd. will definitely make you an expert in Hadoop HDFS, Map-Reduce, Hive, Pig, Yarn, HBase, Oozie, Flume and Sqoop using real-time data and also from different sources of data.

Course Details

Big Data Hadoop training is designed to help you become a top Big Data Analyst and Hadoop Developer. During this training, our experts will help you in:

  • Master the concepts of HDFS and Map-Reduce framework
  • Understand Hadoop 2.x Architecture
  • Setup Hadoop Cluster with proper installation and write Complex MapReduce programs
  • Learn data loading techniques using Sqoop and Flume
  • Perform data analytics using Pig, Hive and YARN
  • Schedule jobs using Oozie
  • Implement best practices for Hadoop development
  • Work on many real life Projects on Big Data Analytics

Who should go for this Hadoop Course?

Market for Big Data analytics is growing across the world and this strong growth pattern translates into a great opportunity for all freshers and professionals.
Here are the few groups, who are continuously enjoying the benefits of moving into Big data domain:

  • Freshers (all fields)
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • BI /ETL/DW professionals
  • Senior IT Professionals
  • Testing professionals
  • Mainframe professionals

Why learn Big Data and Hadoop?

Are you interested in moving beyond the elephant in the room and understanding Hadoop as a foundational tool set in your future? Then select this learning path to gain exposure to the tools used in Big Data, Hadoop's core components and supporting open source projects.
If a trend is identified using Big Data, how can it be applied to solving complex day-to-day problems?
Are there implications of using this data? This learning path addresses the principles of data science to explore data privacy, regression analysis, text analytics, data visualization and predictive modeling to promote topical awareness.
To light a fire, do you use a match, a lighter, or a torch? Depends on the size of the fire, much like the decisions that lead one to use Python, R, or Scala. Spark your interest in selecting the tools you need to tackle Big Data with ease, that will not just blow out.

What are the pre-requisites for the Hadoop Course?

As such, there are no pre-requisites for learning Hadoop.
Anyone from any stream can be a big data analyst and a developer.
- Knowledge of Core Java and SQL will be beneficial, but is certainly not mandatory.
- If you wish to brush-up Core-Java skills, we offer you a complimentary self-paced course called "Java essentials for Hadoop" when you enrol in the Big Data Hadoop course.

How will I do practicals in Training?

For practicals, we will help you setup a Virtual Machine in your System with local access.
The detailed installation guide will be present in LMS for setting up the environment. For any doubt, we will promptly assist you. Virtual Machine can be installed on Mac or Windows OS and the VM access will continue even after the course is over, so that you can practice.


Towards the end of the course, you will work on live projects where you will be using HDFS, PIG, HIVE, HBase and MapReduce to perform Big Data analytics on data like Geographical (GIS), Finance, Retail, Media, Aviation etc. which you can consider for your project work.

Where do our learners come from?

The professionals at GK LandScape Modelling Private Ltd. came from all around, but mostly from Delhi/NCR, Noida and Gurgaon region, and have benefited from the Big Data Hadoop Certification course greatly.
Big Data Hadoop training is one of the most sought after in the industry and has helped a lot of Big Data professionals around the globe bag top jobs in the industry. This training includes lifetime access, full support for your questions, class notes and PPT's. Our Big Data Hadoop certification also include an overview of Apache Spark for distributed data processing.

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