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GK LAND SCAPE MODELLING PVT.LTD. is a Private Limited Company which specializes into Landscape Modelling for planning and Management of all forms of resources. Its employees include Urban Planner, Architects, Civil Engineers and Geospatial Technocrats.

We are well equipped to take up projects that involve mapping, planning and management of any landscape - Physical, Socio-cultural, Economic and Environmental. Our company fits into the scheme of SMART CITY and AMRUT CITY planning. Where we could do the Geospatial Survey and planning.

We have been involved into rural development, village planning, mapping the educational institutions in the state of UP and studying possibilities of green environment in schools and colleges of Delhi by detailed mapping of tree count, water harvesting system in the existing building, converting solid waste into green energy, use of bio-toilets and installation of solar panels.

Recently we are also involved into election GIS which covers booth wise Geospatial analysis, mapping, suvey and data base management for a given constituency.

GKLM is a leading provider of services in the Geospatial, Engineering and Publishing domains for private and public sector organizations globally. With its strong expertise in the field of GIS, Python, R-Programming and Big Data Sciences like Hadoop etc. We also provide services in LiDAR, Photogrammetry, Ortho photography mapping and modeling. GKLM has state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities combined with high volume production flow lines and software development capabilities. These make us one of the most efficient, accountable, trust worthy and sought after geospatial company in India.

GKLM has one of the most sophisticated geospatial production facilities in the world. The Geospatial services include comprehensive and cost effective services used for example by leading National Mapping Agencies, National and local Government organizations, utilities and other public and private sector companies throughout the US, Europe, Canada, Australia and now widely in India.

GKLM undertakes high volume geospatial 2D/3D data conversion projects and has successfully executed mapping projects from disparate and wide ranging sources (including ortho-photos, satellite images, aerial photographs, and other legacy inputs) and delivered in multiple GIS formats. DSM has a strong customer base in United Kingdom, France, Germany, United States and the Benelux. The range of services offered include

Ortho/Satellite imagery/Legacy sources

• Cadastral Mapping
• Land base mapping – Small, Medium and Large Scale
• Rail / Road Corridor mapping
• City maps
• Forestry / Agriculture mapping
• Positional Accuracy Improvement of Map features - Manual/Semi-Automatic
• National mapping agencies
• Government and non-government mapping agencies
• Telecommunications
• Green Energy Utilities, Explorations and Solutions
• Land Information Systems

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Website: www.landscapemodelling.com

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